Vienna- Sistiana (Triest)- Ljubljana

About two weeks ago me and my girlfriend have been on one week trip via Vienna, to Sistiana (about 20 km’s to Triest), then back via Ljubljana.

We tried to see everything what is interesting to us during trip, so I made couple of nice pics. As always I did not concentrate only at landscape, portrait or something. I take everything what I can, isn’t it the beutiest in art? Searching a good light, composition, colours, contrast… It is necessary to think about pic that you want to take. Nothing can be accident, even if it is the most wonderful image you ever made remember- it’s accident.

Someone will say that is wrong, that photographer tries every king of this art. They say the bests are them, because they are masters in one type. I want to be completley.

What u can see?

trip hel jpg_2
V Parliament

In front of parliament runs tram line, buses also. It is perfect place to use tripod and give little more light to see wonderful lines created by machines. That tower on the right side it’s town hall. Very picable place, I can really rocommend it, especially by night.

trip hel jpg_3
as always

No matter: winter, autumn, summer, spring- morning, afternoon or night. Bars like this one can offer you warm chicken or hot dog all time. We can see young man, customer, every kind of soda and always shining OPEN.

trip hel jpg_4
To make you feel better

In case of beutiful sky, some old bulding and last touch of summer (i mean cute flowers) you just can’t go away. This composition for me is very positive and make me feel better. Hope You got same feelings. Maybe it is good idea to set it as wallpaper on your laptop when horrible autumn knocks by your radiator?

trip hel jpg_5

This place u can miss when you visitng Vienna. It’s Neue Burg museum at Holdenplatz. Beautiful place in daylight or nightwatch. It’s citycenter, near you can find town hall, parliament, other museums, theater- I think it’s the best place to start sightseeing this awesome city.

urlop '17_58
urlop '17_62
Moving clouds

Dynamic of this cloudy dark sky in opposite to unmoveable, majestatic nature museum and Maria Therese 5th monument. When I saw this photo I thought it’s good start, in my mind it was first good pic during trip.

urlop '17_63
all of the lights

Neue Burg by night- nothing more to say I suppose.

urlop '17_14
Everyone did it

This title says everything I mean. There was no one who unattended went by this view. It shows Duino Castle- one of 3 or 4 castles belongs to Triest „castle-agglomeration”.

urlop '17_18

Take look and thing about this question. Personally this is my favourite picture. It is mixture of lucky, skills, stuff. It shows Sistiana small-bay during full-moon night, luckily I took my flashlight and I could make this frame. I’m very proud of it.

urlop '17_20

I saw this little builders when I was eating supper. Yes, it was pizza- finally I was in Italy, right? Last time I took macro about 8 yrs ago. It is not amazing picture- I know, but I’ve decided to post it, I just wanna show you something small as big as I can.

urlop '17_30

Sky, fountain, two traffic lights, old italian car, locals- pure Triest. This city is full of lovely, tight streets, valleys. When I saw this city i thought it is exactly how I imagine this country, but one thing missing- it was sound of accordion.

urlop '17_33

One of my more or less poor portrait try.

urlop '17_36

Levels of height, levels of colour, levels of emotion

urlop '17_37
urlop '17_38
urlop '17_44
When time is money

It is quite typical to see richman, expensive car and tourists in center of Triest. But when summer is gone, you can delete tourists, then result is over this text.

urlop '17_50
Even if it is dangerous

Maybe he local, maybe he works for ISIS. Maybe… somethimes it is awful word. Even if we are not one and the same, we are still one and the same.

urlop '17_51
All different

2 men- 1 woman; 2- nonsmoking- 1 smoking; 2-go left- 1-goes right; 2 are buyers 1 is seller.


urlop '17_53

I think it is one of really few views why i liked this city. To be honest- leave Lublana for breake in long way. This city is nice, especially by night, but in longer period you can feel bored.

urlop '17_64
Can u smell it?

Street food fest

urlop '17_65
urlop '17_47
He made it



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